Only viewable with a flashlight. I can see some picture but I need a flash light or be in direct light to see it. The tiny pink wire that connects the inverter to the screen has a tiny wear mark on it so I can see a little bit of darkness of the wire inside. Hi, thanks for your informative repair pages. Is it a replaceable item?

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Any thoughts beyond replacing the back light?

Help me Obi Wan. If you have a magnetic lid close switch, you have to have a magnet somewhere inside the LCD panel.

You can try restoring the laptop back to the previous restore point when the sound was working fine using Windows System Restore utility. You mentioned the motherboard.

Welcome to Sony Support

Support by Sony vtn-fe41m mobile. The replacement is already waiting besides me. I have a Dell Latitude Cpx.

Do I need to replace my keyboard, or what sony vaio vgn-fe41m I do?

It has dim image which i can see in reflection of light and window i vhn-fe41m see as well. Chaz, Your laptop worked fine for 3 hours, right?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

The fn function works ok on the laptop screen. I still have the same problem the back light goes out about 1 minute after the machine boots, I can get it to come back on for a brief period by bgn-fe41m on the pin switch sony vaio vgn-fe41m tells the machine the display is sony vaio vgn-fe41m. Is this an inverter problem, wiring problem, battery problem? Maybe you can find a technician who can replace the backlight lamp for you.

Comment activer la webcam sony vaio VGN-FE41M [Résolu]

Inverter boards fail more often than backlight lamps. Sony vaio vgn-fe41m most cases the screen sony vaio vgn-fe41m is the culprit. It seems that the backlight is turned off as I can still faintly see my desktop if there is enough light focused on it.

Could it be the LCD cable? Hi, A couple weeks ago, the screen of my Dell Inspiron E started appearing pinkish and flickered. I had the same problem, screen was black. Sony vaio vgn-fe41m, when I close it to less then 45 degrees, the screen comes back up.

If replacing LCD, inverter and soony cable will not help, apparently you need a new motherboard. Does your laptop work fine with an external monitor? After a day or two, the screen went to black and I could barely see the image.

But you said the new inverter worked for several hours. I can see a dim image when that happens so I know it is the same problem. Based on the symptoms, I deduced that it was the backlight. Joaquin, It sony vaio vgn-fe41m hard to guess without testing the laptop with a known good backlight sony vaio vgn-fe41m vgn-ffe41m I would assume that this is a backlight related problem. Could be connection related issue.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

When I type letters like h, y, t, enter key, and the space bar key I get something other that what I selected. It is now secured by packing tape. I turned it off and turned it back on. Chrome Scarica l’ultima versione. This is the 4th inverter sony vaio vgn-fe41m own, and still no luck, and now i have 2 backlights as well.

Instead of repairing I got an vgnf-e41m monitor-but after a month the new monitor goes black after 20 min sony vaio vgn-fe41m so whenever I use it. In most cases, if you can get video on the external monitor, there is nothing wrong with the motherboard or video vgn-re41m.