Wojciech, It could be just a loose connection on one of the inverter ends. Each time I put it on the screen will flash and go dark and after some seconds it will flash again and stay dark indefinitely. This is so helpful. The inverter was not required. It appears as about the size of a thumb print. However, I could use some advice.

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If the external screen works fine, then most likely vtn is nothing wrong with the video card. Bekki May 2, Toshiba Equium, screen replaced as it got damaged. After a few minutes the backlight turns off by itself and the buzzing noise stops. My brand new Gateway Sony vaio vgn fe11h the screen stays black I hooked it up to my desk top monitor and still nothing it stays black.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Thanks for the help. In my case the screen was making noise and it flickered as yours, but when the backlight was on, the white colors had reddish tone. This is the way it came to me, so none of the new parts changed sony vaio vgn fe11h problem. It also may be a problem of backlight or its inverter, however I dont have equipment to test that or even replace. I could use some advice regarding a failing LCD backlight. However, now that I have tried to replace the screen with a new one, I cannot get the new screen or the old one to light up.

I have an HP zethe screen kept blinking and finally failed. Did you avio replacing parts one sony vaio vgn fe11h one? I think I may have a grounding problem.

Do you have any idea where to start.? The upper 2 thirds are working fine. Vn lamp can be easily replaced? This laptop came for sony vaio vgn fe11h because of the LCD screen backlight failure. I cannot tell which one is causing the vxio because both parts fail very similarly.

Since the inverter I bought was refurbished, I wondered what are the odds I got a faulty one? Andrew April 23, Does anyone know where it goes? My laptop backlight wont light up. I can increase or decrease the brightness of the laptop screen using the function keys but still there is no image at all on the laptop sony vaio vgn fe11h only a sont smooth white glow.

First the light on the left side goes out, then if I continue to tilt, ge11h the right light goes dark. There is still a ghost image on the original screen, and the laptop works fine with an external monitor attached. I was running my laptop on battery, after a while I connected it to the power supply. I dont just want to go such great lenght because it was functioning before i got it loose.

So now im afraid to do anything with the noise and sony vaio vgn fe11h smells.

Can Please Help me to know what is problem. Bill, I saw the same question in a different thread.

sony vaio vgn fe11h I have a Dell D When I boot up the monitor works, then after a few minutes it fades to white, then grey. Yesterday, when I opened the laptop it was powered on, just closedthe screen looked fine for a second but then started jumping around, horizontal and vertical lines started scrolling, and you could still see the desktop image behind all the scrolling but not so well.

Vir, From this description it sounds that you have a sony vaio vgn fe11h either with the inverter board or backlight lamp. I am vhn at how much information you have on this site. I was not sure if it was the inverter or the backlight.

Paul November 2, Any idea what the problem is???

Troubleshooting backlight failure

After shutting off and cooling then restarting, the screen is clear until it warms up again. Bahula Smith January 15, Adrian August 30, Could be bad video cable.

Cid January 19, I took it apart and when I tap the top back of the screen with my finger it replicates the problem. Good morning, HP Paviilion with dark screen.