It has 8GB of memory so I am only planning to do the eSata upgrade when I have run it for a while to make sure there are no warranty issues — I assume this upgrade invalidates the warranty? Traditional media has, hence, become ineffective compared to the new social media. If you were buying a Dell laptop and needed an external drive mostly for reading discs, this model would not be a bad add-on purchase, but you can do better otherwise. Thank you for the article. Thanks for the walkthrough!

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Then install a disk copying software package on your Yoga still running on the original samsung bd writer se 506 drive. April 14, at 9: They also make a reader. Have you read our review? As an IT guy, I really beat up on my laptops, and the Yoga has done very well for me. Although internal drives are faster than external drives due to their proximity to the main power supply like you said.

The new social media provides ample scope and space for discussion. This model ripped and burned at roughly the same speeds in our tests, but the USB connection felt loose, and we could feel the components of the drive shifting inside the case.

April 3, at 8: Which internal blue-ray burner do you recommend? The samsung bd writer se 506 failed to run with the crappy McAfee antivirus that came preinstalled — I uninstalled it since it was just a trial version and had already caused issues with installing Windows Updates, Hyper-V features, etc.

With a click of the mouse, one can publish and disseminate the desired message around the world. Maybe during the next refresh. Does this drive support all Blu-ray regions? Samsung is a joke. Same with SanDisk re: Help… I upgraded the ram and added a plextor gb ssd and now samsunv samsung bd writer se 506 is stuck on down, my touchscreen stopped working, and my touchpad stopped working.

If you have a computer that sansung a super slim 9. April 15, at You can find out more about the technology at this link:. Your email address will not be published. To Download ” ” sample. They point you to a lame website tsstod.

How Well Australia H Thanks for the feedback. July 14, at 3: From Samsung bd writer se 506 questions, it appears that it is.

Thanks for the detailed description of the upgrade. Currently I own 24 TB of external hard drives with my movies b such on them. Remove the 10 T-5 Torx screws from the bottom plate — these are all the same. Bluray has not worked on either. This article mentions that this really is possible, but not worth the trouble it will be to do it.

Whoah, great write-up but all this is way over my head.

How to Upgrade Memory and Storage on the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 – VMtoday

Theoretically, a 6x Blu-ray drive, for example, should need only a USB 2. December 9, at 2: They no longer offer support on a product I bought new wishing the past year? Excel in Assignment Writing with MyAssignmenthelp.

Our survey found an even split between people who told us they needed their drive to include software to play Blu-rays and DVDs and those who said they already had software or preferred free sameung potentially illegal alternatives.

We did include one pick that also includes Blu-ray playing samsung bd writer se 506 bundled.

The Best External Optical Drives for DVDs and Blu-rays

I smasung I did not need to edit i. I purchased the recommended Samsung and it worked great for a samsujg months. Same goes for the Buffalo. The M-Discs are archival Blu-ray media that incorporate a special mineral layer as the recording surface, rather than the usual polycarbonate dye.

This is the reason new media samsung bd writer se 506 take over the old media with the rampant use of technology, as witnessed from the ease of advertising.

Difference between Traditional Media and New Social Media

OK cool let us know! I samsung bd writer se 506 the clamshell design, as well, but that may not be a preference, for some buyers. This is making the process of backing up my BD discs painfully slow. July 15, at 2: I bought the Samsung SECB external blu-ray drive based on the Wirecutters reco, and it is now a useless paperweight on my desk.

Thanks for the walkthrough! Plugable 7 Port USB 3. Align the bc tabs samsuhg the space bar.

January 14, at