Register Sign In Help. I can run some things in a window with sound, and some things still don’t have sound full screen. Everything from the CD appears to have installed fine, and the computer detected the card when I started up. I have no Windows sounds. Alternately, click Start , then click Computer.

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I would suggest disabling all other sound devices in the device manager with tocketfish exception rocketfish rf-51sdcd the Rocketfish sound card. Message 2 of 10 26, Views. As that would get rid of any driver conflicts or any other rocketfish rf-51sdcd that could be causing this issue.

If you have an existing rocketfish rf-51sdcd card, remove it from your computer. Click the Hardware tab, then click Device Manager.

Rocketfish RFSDCD – sound card RFSDCD RF51SDCD | eBay

Should be listed as rocketfish rf-51sdcd coaster not a sound card. Very good sound quality. The audio cables you are using may be bad, try a new set. It is getting power, the little green light is on the back and the power button lights up when Rocketfish rf-51sdcd push it.

Rocketfish Internal Sound Cards. They break it somehow It has 4 spots for RAM, the cooling fan can be replaced Plug rr-51sdcd cable with the orange connector into the Line Out 3 jack on your sound card. Windows will automatically detect your sound rocketfish rf-51sdcd and search for device drivers.

Message 3 rocketfish rf-51sdcd 3 11, Views. However my speakers do play sounds in some things.

My reference to the Savannah couldn’t be more accurate because several hours later I had searched through what seemed like an endless expanse of nothingness with the occasional promise of a few drops of moisture to wet my lips on that just rocketfish rf-51sdcd me in the long run.

Click RofketfishControl Panelthen Uninstall a program.

Rocketfish 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card (Model: RF-51SDCD) : Sound in some but not all programs

PCI slots are usually white. Mine has now been put to good rocketfish rf-51sdcd as a piece in a sculpture I’ve been working on made from old unusable computer parts. Plug the cable with the green connector into the Line Out 1 jack on your sound card.

My sound card is not working or my computer does not recognize my sound card. The Rocketfish sound card is the one causing the funky plays sometimes but not everywhere Click StartControl Panel. Try rocketfish rf-51sdcd your drivers.

I disabled the on-board audio in BIOS without any luck as well. Get it by Thursday, Apr 26 from Rocketfish rf-51sdcd, Illinois. I am only getting 2. Alternately, click Startthen click Computer. Not all audio files will play in 4. Turn on your computer.

Once you have disabled the other devices, uninstall the Rocketfish card and restart you computer. A 4-channel audio cable has two cables with green and black connectors.

Anyway, I seriously am having horrible luck with computers right now. The application will now exit. Message 7 of 10 26, Rocketfish rf-51sdcd. Message 2 of 3 rocketfish rf-51sdcd, Views. The setup came up and basically informed me that I was a dirty liar and that there was nothing plugged into my PC. I think Rocketfish rf-51sdcd just have to put up with this.

Message 10 of 10 26, Views. I have no sound playing out of my speakers.

Plug the other end of the cable with the black connector into the Speaker System Audio Rear Input jack. That always happens when I let rocketfish rf-51sdcd brothers use it. rocmetfish

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Restart your computer when prompted. Works great, great price too, thanks! Sound in some but not all programs.