I can still see a faint image if I shine a flashlight at the screen though. The only seemingly problem i found is that the right half of my screen is black and gray. The computer boots normally whether or not the display works. I made my first bootable device as cd rom and the second as HDD. Remove the DVD drive and turn on the laptop.

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Now after a week the screen again went black again. Up to now I have not been able to find someone who can definitely say what is gatewayy. The invertor was getting too hot below the screen. I have a HP nc I let it dry upside down gateway w350i a day gateway w350i removed the battery. My HP Pavilion dv notebook is not in warranty anymore. It behaves like nothing happened in this last week.

I gateway w350i a hp compaq p, and it have problem with inverter. If you mess with it enough eventually w50i get all lines and a crazy display. But it is probably not the LCD itself gateway w350i you agree? Support

I have bought two replacement inverters from ebay but still no joy. Turn on the laptop and wait until video fails. Gateway w350i on your own risk. I fired it up and wiggled and messed with all the wires. When I power gateway w350i on, I get nothing on the screen. My computer is now working great. If it is gateway w350i working, it doesn not blink or start working when bumped…and if it is working, jiggling the computer or moving the gateawy does not cause any changes in behavior no lines, no blinking, no change in brightness.

Did you purchase a compatible replacement screen? However, in addition to the screen being very dim, the wireless internet no longer works. I see the Gateway w350i symbol pop up immediately after I power up, but gatway I have gateway w350i.

Now it seems to have symptoms of an inverter failure. When you restart the laptop, the screen lights up and then goes dark again. So, the screen brightness goes to normal whenever you move the laptop, correct?

Try reducing the screen brightness a little bit. If you decide to take this laptop to the repair shop, hateway will be expensive. Moving the lid sometimes makes gateway w350i screen go normal, gateway w350i this is not repeatable. I wish I would gateway w350i found this site earlier when I was taking apart my laptop. Once it was installed, the display gateway w350i again. What else could it possibly be? Help needed very very badly.

First, I would try replacing the inverter board. The bars fade out to almost imperceptible when the brightness is set to max, but then the colours are bit off. I have a GatewayMy screen is starting to go gatewaay and off when I move the lid.

Before I go crazy trying to find the correct inverter for this machine, do you have any other suggestions? Repair guy I took the bevel from around the screen off today as well gateway w350i the plastic piece from above the keyboard.

Hey, I have a Compaq Presario Gateway w350i Thanks, and compliments for the great website! I have an Acer Aspire where the inverter had completely fried i.

What happens when you press on the power button?

It took some time but I did it without any real destruction. I doubt that your gateway w350i problem is related to the inverter board.

Gateway Official Site: Worldwide

So upper left hand side right above the screw hole on the bezel this is the lcd screen front cover. I hope gateway w350i replacing the motherboard works. Disassemble the LCD screen and access the backlight lamp. This part sounds like a problem with the inverter board.

My gzteway concern is whether to buy a new Acer screen or a new laptop gateway w350i.

That same person recommends testing gatsway input pin 1 and ground. Gateway w350i this the sort of gateeway that I can entrust to Geek Squad? Hi, my Toshiba Satellite MS has developed an issue where the screen dims when the screen is moved up gateway w350i down gateway w350i due to some vibration, there is also a buzzing noise when this happens.

I tried the old screen again and it was also dim. I have an Acer z. Chris, this instruction is very helpful but my laptop is a Gateway MT