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I don’t know, maybe if the author makes a whole epiloge type of book things will work out, but seriously! When I was given allegiance cayla kluver pdf download copy of Sacrifice, the third and final book in the series, I jumped for joy. And this final novel in the trilogy, Sacrifice, is just a completely fitting way to end things. Her purpose in the book was entirely But things were missing, and I didn’t find myself enjoying Sacrifice as much as I had hoped.

Alera allegiance cayla kluver pdf download Alera she tries really hard to help her country become stable under allegiance Corkian rule.

allegiance | Download eBook PDF/EPUB

I held some hope there when I first began reading this novel. She downloac an awful person at heart and doesn’t deserve to live. His undying devotion to her?

Endearing, clean, I am impressed! Dec 22, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: Kulver loved the ending, and I just cant imagine what is going to happen next. Jun 26, Mara rated it did not like it Shelves: Another rebellion – maybe this will make up for the rest of the dragging plot! As with Allegiance, there is so much happening in this novel.

They’re in positions of power, and yet they stand there like petulant children, their faces screwed up in indignation, threatening allegiance cayla kluver pdf download do something Rava will regret if she doesn’t listen, but they never do. Thank you, Cayla Kluver, for the enthralling Legacy series and Steldor!

I loved and hated the end! So, she goes out in the streets alone, while soldiers are gutting each other and burning houses and cutting heads and as in all wars though not written allegiance cayla kluver pdf download raping women.

However, I appreciate it much more than I did Shaselle, who I believe should have been the one to fall and internally bleed to death somewhere in a deserted alley instead of Saadi who was kind, sllegiance, and loving. Choosing your battles does not make you weak.

Allegiance ISBN PDF epub | Cayla Kluver ebook | eBookMall

Alera pxf grown a lot with the span of this journey. Is Hytanica going to be free? Yes, let’s throw a festival to boost everyone’s morale. Then she goes and does something stupid that gets her into lots of trouble – and causes even allegiance cayla kluver pdf download unrest between Cokyrians and Hytanicans in fact, Shaselle is behind a lot of what goes wrong for, well, everyone- then returns home to get yelled at by her mom some more.

Cayla Kluver

Also with Steldor having only a small part in this last book, it was kind of slow for me. Alera and the citizens of Hytanica admitted defeat to protect her people. Sacrifice was a allegiance cayla kluver pdf download read and I am looking forward to more from Cayla Kluver in the future. Which of course is not bad when it’s combined with other measures, but if that’s the acyla measure taken to help a defeated nation allegiance cayla kluver pdf download in this casethen I have to say it’s completely ineffectual.

Instead it just feels like a lame attempt to add more depth to the plot. The characters were perfect, with deep personalities and fantastic decision making allegiahce. Kluver first began writing the series around the mids and finished her first rough draft of Legacy at the age of fourteen.

Shaselle is a,legiance finding trouble she is a great character. I was in heaven with Allegiance because Steldor played such a major part in the story. I caula believe their love story. Views Read Edit View history. Sadly, Shaselle turned out to be a rebel without cause, a girl who liked to cause trouble and disobey her family just for kicks.

Alera truly has changed within the 3 books.

She is constantly miss understood, causes all sorts of trouble which I wanted to yell at her for. I’m part of a larger story! And how is it that Steldor ended up alone?

Which brings me to allegiance cayla kluver pdf download 3. But while Narian and Alera are working hard to create a peaceful existence between the two people, the High Priestess is making that a bit difficult with many of the strict laws she is demanding be put into effect that restrict the Hytanican way of life. Steldor is back in all Cover love!

Reading Sacrifice was a little bittersweet. I wish I could say that I managed to like her toward the end of the book. I always wonder when allegiance cayla kluver pdf download happens during the final novel in a series if the author is tired of it and eager to move on. She’s not even a good figurehead.

This historical series, combined with a touch of fantasy is really entrancing and fascinating.

This series could have been great, but instead just fell flat. Allegiance cayla kluver pdf download 13, Aleeshas2 rated it really liked it Caylz A character that was barely mentioned up until this point. Despite her heartbreak, Alera must find a way to lead her kingdom to more hopeful times. In the end, she even decides to go out of her house when war strikes out, not allegiance cayla kluver pdf download she can fight and help her people, not because she wants to go to someone in particular she cares for, not because she has a task to acoomplish, but because she wants to see how the war will go and who will win for herself.