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Table of Contents The PRC Anti-Monopoly Law also provides a private alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download of action for competitors or users to bring anti-monopoly claims against companies. The outcome of any claims, investigations and proceedings is inherently uncertain, and in any event defending against these claims could be both costly and time-consuming, and could significantly divert the efforts and resources of our management prospevtus other personnel.

Alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download we have prepared for contingencies through redundancy measures and disaster recovery plans, such preparation may not be sufficient and we do not carry business interruption insurance. We rely on a combination of trademark, fair trade practice, patent, copyright and trade secret protection laws in China and other jurisdictions, as well as confidentiality procedures and contractual provisions, to protect our intellectual property rights.


Furthermore, we have made, and intend to continue to make, strategic investments and acquisitions to expand our user base, enhance our cloud computing business, add complementary products and technologies and further strengthen our ecosystem.

You may download Alibaba Financial Model here. However, Fangda Partners has also advised us that there are substantial uncertainties regarding the interpretation and application of current PRC laws, rules and regulations. Our articles of association, as we expect them to be amended and become effective upon completion of this offering, alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download certain provisions that could limit the ability of third parties to acquire control alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download our company, including:.

We may be subject to allegations and lawsuits claiming that items listed on our marketplaces are pirated, counterfeit or illegal. We also face scrutiny, and have been subject to inquiries and investigations, from foreign governmental bodies that focus on cross-border trade, intellectual property protection, human rights and user privacy matters. Our operations could be disrupted if any of our employees or employees of our business partners were suspected of having the swine flu, avian influenza or SARS, since this could require us or our business partners to quarantine some or all of alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download employees or disinfect the facilities used for our operations.

Table of Contents Failure to comply with the terms of our indebtedness could result in acceleration of indebtedness, which could have an adverse alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download on our cash flow and liquidity. Our ability to successfully expand the use of mobile devices to access our platform is affected by the following factors:.

An adverse determination in any such litigation or proceedings could cause us to pay alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download as well as legal and other costs, limit our ability to conduct business or require us alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download change the manner in which we operate.

Our operating philosophy and interest in maintaining the health of our ecosystem may negatively influence our short-term financial performance. We also compete based on the usefulness of downlkad services we provide, including marketing data and data science, cloud computing services, the availability of supporting services porspectus payment settlement and logistics services and the quality of our customer service.

We may also be requested by tax authorities to supply information on our sellers, such as transaction records and prospectuss account information, and assist in the enforcement of tax regulations, including the payment and withholding obligations against our sellers, in which case, potential sellers might not be willing to open storefronts on our marketplaces.

The partnership operates under principles, policies and procedures prospsctus have evolved with our business and are described below. We also make investments in new products and services that may not provide economic benefits to us in the short-term or at all. As we expand our operations, we may be subject to these laws in other jurisdictions where our sellers, buyers and other participants are located.

We may lose the ability to use, or otherwise benefit from, the licenses, approvals and assets held by our variable interest entities, which could alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download disrupt our business and harm our growth.

Ipo of Alibaba

Goodwill and intangible assets. Your design requires professional and experienced printing prospectus. We do not have agreements with logistics and delivery companies that require them to offer services to our sellers. We may be subject to material litigation. We must alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download to effectively hire, train and manage new employees. In the three months ended December 31,mobile GMV accounted for Enforcement of Civil Liabilities.

At any given time we may be engaged alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download discussions or negotiations with respect to one or more of these types of transactions. State or Other Jurisdiction of. Guangzhou Lingmei Colour Printing Co.

We face intense competition from Chinese and global Internet companies as well as from offline retailers, particularly those establishing online marketplaces. We take a platform approach to shipping and delivery by working with third-party logistics alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download providers through a central logistics information system operated by Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co.

Although we have employed significant resources to develop our security measures against breaches, our cybersecurity measures may not detect or prevent all attempts to compromise our systems, including distributed.

The variety of technical and other configurations across different mobile devices and platforms increases the challenges associated with this environment. Selected Consolidated Financial and Operating Data.

In addition, sellers on our marketplaces contribute to a fund to provide consumer protection guarantees. We do not have any agreements that alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download these third-party participants to provide services to sellers. We and Alipay are subject to regulation, and future regulations may impose additional requirements and other obligations on our business or alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download that could materially and adversely affect our business, prlspectus condition and results of operations.

Print Prospectus Print View larger image. If we are unable to avert these attacks and security breaches, we could be subject to significant legal and financial liability, our reputation would be harmed and alibava could sustain substantial revenue loss from lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

Ipo of Alibaba | Alibaba Group | Initial Public Offering

We cannot assure you prosectus our insurance coverage is sufficient to prevent us from any loss or that we will be able to successfully claim our losses under our current insurance policy on a timely basis, or at all.

We are subject to interest rate risk in connection with our indebtedness. The information contained in this alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download is accurate only as of the date of this prospectus, regardless of the time of delivery of this prospectus or of any sale of our ADSs. Ordinary shares outstanding immediately after this offering. Our reporting currency is the Renminbi. In particular, we face a number alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download challenges relating to data from transactions and other activities on our platform, including:.

Failure to deal effectively with any fraud perpetrated and fictitious transactions conducted on our marketplaces and other sources of customer dissatisfaction would harm our business. We do not maintain business interruption insurance or product liability insurance, nor do we maintain key-man life insurance. Shanghai Caidi Printing Co. Alibaba is not a thief. The size and scope of our ecosystem also require us to hire and retain a wide range of effective and experienced personnel who can adapt to a dynamic, competitive and challenging business environment.

Although from time to time, we use hedging transactions in an effort to reduce our exposure to interest rate risk, these hedges may not be effective. It is uncertain whether any new PRC laws, rules or regulations relating to variable interest entity structures will be adopted or if adopted, what they would provide. Any costs incurred as a result of liability alibzba asserted dpwnload relating to the sale of unlawful goods or other infringement could harm our business.

Security breaches and attacks against our systems and network, and any potentially resulting breach or failure to otherwise protect confidential and proprietary information, could damage our reputation and negatively impact our business, as alibaba ipo prospectus pdf download as materially and adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.

The above views are my assessment of Alibaba IPO.